Ed Gein furniture (not for sale)

Ed Gein furniture (not for sale)

Posted at night on July 16th, '07

This sketch was inspired by Chris's comment.

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PT says:

in the smaller thumbnail of this picture (older/newer), the arm combined with tongue looks rather ph (...)

sean  says:

can you make a trumpet versian

Mark says:

Enough with the angry music, dude!!!

Darren says:

You do realize that one day this whole collection will sell in a NY art gallery for millions of doll (...)

Daniel says:

Came home inspired by the "This is Not Graffiti" opening at Townhouse Gallery. Remixing some ideas a (...)

keenan says:

Geeze, if only!

nikescar says:

looks like Korean!

Anne-Slow says:

OMG!!!! You did it hahaha!! I'm a faaaaaaan it's awesome

Brian Bidner says:

the movie is funny it would be even more funny if mr powers partner had two moe joes as her boobs

Guy says:

The pick-up notes as well as the notes after the dotted half notes should be tripolets. This is t (...)


Daniel says:

You can see some Ed Gein in the characters of Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Silence of the Lambs.

Posted in the morning on July 17th, '07

Eileen says:

I remember taking a summer class in psychological explanations of criminal behaviour. I will always remember my prof standing at the front of the class in his bright Hawaiian shirt pointing to pictures of Gein's lampshade and shrunken heads. The word surreal comes to mind :o)

Posted in the afternoon on July 17th, '07

Daniel says:

It's probably a good thing, but I can't seem to find pictures of the shrunken heads or lampshades online. Apparently Gein had a pretty bad childhood which might explain his 'unusual' behaviour, but others like Herbert Mullin seem to have lead fairly normal lives. I guess it boils down to the whole nature vs. nurture argument.

Posted in the late afternoon on July 17th, '07

Kareena says:

I feel sorry for him, especially how he grew up. Im still amazed that even now after hes dead, people still remember him and making alot of movies of his life. He had a rough, loveless life. Even i was trying to look for 'real pics of his house and things that been said that he did. Its strange but its a amazing and unique story. i was kinda like hooked on his history and movies, not that i would do that.lol But its a very sad, but true story.
I think that why its so interesting to read. Mainly because its true.

Rest in peace Ed Gein

Posted in the afternoon on December 12th, '08

mater hater says:

this guy is fucked in the head if i met him i would fuck him up.

Posted in the morning on February 6th, '09

danny gein says:

watch out or my mom will come an getcha

Posted in the late afternoon on March 15th, '09

Aulbrey says:

My course project is on Ed Gein, and it makes me sad to know that his mother lead him to live this way. For being a woman herself, she made him believe that women were evil. I believe that he was fascinated by them, but lonely because his mother was gone. That could explain why he kept the body parts of these women around. In a sick sense, he kept them alive amongst himself.

Posted in the afternoon on May 4th, '09

carmen says:

i have to do a report on ed gein.. by choice.. i asked my mom if she knew anything about him (we live in wisconsin) and she said, "know anything?? he used to come in your grandpa's tavern all the time!! he stopped coming when mary disappeared though." its so close to home....

Posted in the afternoon on May 13th, '09

untitled says:

how did he get the furniture to stick together did he tie it off with the intestines or did he just nail them in, and how did he keep them from rotting (if he did)

Posted at night on June 17th, '09

untitled says:

no he didn`t nail them together, he sew them together, i still can`t come to terms with the evilness of ed gien. just think, ppl went through the tortre! i watched texas cainsaw massacre ast night and that was based on ed gein. btw des anybody know where i can c the actual furniture?

Posted late, late at night on July 29th, '09

GoHuskies says:

Um,actually, he only killed 2 women. And with a shotgun at that. He then cut them up. All the other body parts are from his graverobbing hobby. He was a sick twisted man, but he didn't torture anyone.

Posted in the afternoon on July 30th, '10

monster 8 says:

Wow now everytime i hear Ed i get shivers.

Posted in the morning on November 11th, '10

Sketchbait says:

ED GEIN?????!!!!!!

Posted in the morning on November 11th, '10

Adriana says:

This is sick who ever thinks this is funny is gotta be discombobulated

Posted at night on February 18th, '11

Shayna says:

He made the furniture out of dead bodies that he robbed from graves. He robbed the graves so that he could have a lasting "memory" of his mother whom he loved dearly...

Posted in the morning on May 24th, '12

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