Is sketching strangers an invasion of privacy?

Is sketching strangers an invasion of privacy?

Posted in the morning on September 14th, '07

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Shayna says:

He made the furniture out of dead bodies that he robbed from graves. He robbed the graves so that he (...)

PT says:

in the smaller thumbnail of this picture (older/newer), the arm combined with tongue looks rather ph (...)

sean  says:

can you make a trumpet versian

Mark says:

Enough with the angry music, dude!!!

Darren says:

You do realize that one day this whole collection will sell in a NY art gallery for millions of doll (...)

Daniel says:

Came home inspired by the "This is Not Graffiti" opening at Townhouse Gallery. Remixing some ideas a (...)

Adriana says:

This is sick who ever thinks this is funny is gotta be discombobulated

Sketchbait says:

ED GEIN?????!!!!!!

monster 8 says:

Wow now everytime i hear Ed i get shivers.

keenan says:

Geeze, if only!


Daniel says:

A fellow artist was sketching some one on the bus when the model approached him and demanded he tear out the sketch and hand it over. What would you think if you caught some one drawing you in a public place?

Posted in the morning on September 14th, '07

Sherie says:

Well, if he looked like the guy in your sketch, I think I'd feel a bit uncomfortable and slink away. lol! Looks too much like the grim reaper in Monty Python's Meaning of Life. But, seriously, I wouldn't mind. But, I'm an artist and I guess I see it differently than someone else may. Great sketch, tho, and you're right, it sparked an interesting debate.

Posted in the afternoon on September 14th, '07

Keenan says:

If you're in public, it's totally reasonable. How can you expect privacy in a public place?

Common courtesy may dictate that you ask permission before taking photographs, but for a sketch I wouldn't even go that far. Morally and legally you're in the clear either way, IMO.

Posted in the afternoon on September 14th, '07

gabi campanario says:

hi daniel, your drawing is terrific! i love the expression on the people's face and the satiric use of the grim reaper. i'm glad to know that my incident in the bus was inspiring!

Posted in the afternoon on September 14th, '07

Daniel says:

I just hope it doesn't happen again, Gabi. And that's not to say that you shouldn't sketch in the bus anymore. I think it's great to practice drawing rather than stare at the "Next Stop" light. I was lucky no one ever confronted me... although I did meet a fellow student in class who recognized me as 'the mysterious guy with the sketchbook' but she didn't seem to mind.

Posted in the afternoon on September 14th, '07

satia says:

I think that if I caught someone sketching me I would give them my email address and ask them to scan the sketch and email it to me. I might even offer to model for them if they find me that fascinating. With that said, I can see how someone might find it invasive and the artist should respect another person's request to have the sketch removed.

Posted in the morning on September 15th, '07

satia says:

Oops . . . I meant to say that I came here through the link in the EDM yahoogroup.

Posted in the morning on September 15th, '07

Leanne says:

i'd be flattered that someone wants to sketch me.. means that i have the kind of look someone wants to capture (be it bad or good) 'specially that robed guy.. meow

Posted in the morning on September 15th, '07

Jeremy says:

I've sketched on the train many times and none of my subjects have bothered me.. although I don't usually look as if I'm going to feast on their soul.

I really go out of my way to make sure the subject doesn't know they're being sketched tho.

Posted in the late afternoon on September 15th, '07

Daniel says:

Hahaha I like your different reactions to the "meow" robed guy who's gonna "feast on their soul."

I usually try to hide the fact that I'm sketching people, too. It's a strange thing to be ashamed of... I guess it's more a fear of offending some one than anything else.

Posted in the morning on September 17th, '07

Mark says:

It's not illegal, so no worries about that form of privacy. I don't know if I can answer whether it is or isn't another form of invasion of privacy. By asking the question, I suppose you are eliminating yourself as the determining viewpoint of whether or not it is an invasion of privacy. This leaves everyone else, and I don't know how you could amalgamate all of their views into a single view. This actually still leaves objectivity, and who believes in that?

Posted in the evening on September 17th, '07

Dorota says:

This happened to me once! A long time ago! I was sitting on the bus with my legs crossed and my arm on my knee and my chin resting on my hand. At some point I noticed that the guy across from me was sketching me. We started to talk. I asked him why he was sketching me. He said that he thought I was sitting in an interesting position.
We were friends for a while after that. His name was "Buddy".

Posted in the evening on December 2nd, '07

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