Smarties and the circulatory system: eat the red ones last!

Smarties and the circulatory system: eat the red ones last!

Posted in the evening on May 17th, '07

This sketch was inspired by Cyn's comment.

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Shayna says:

He made the furniture out of dead bodies that he robbed from graves. He robbed the graves so that he (...)

PT says:

in the smaller thumbnail of this picture (older/newer), the arm combined with tongue looks rather ph (...)

sean  says:

can you make a trumpet versian

Mark says:

Enough with the angry music, dude!!!

Darren says:

You do realize that one day this whole collection will sell in a NY art gallery for millions of doll (...)

Daniel says:

Came home inspired by the "This is Not Graffiti" opening at Townhouse Gallery. Remixing some ideas a (...)

Adriana says:

This is sick who ever thinks this is funny is gotta be discombobulated

Sketchbait says:

ED GEIN?????!!!!!!

monster 8 says:

Wow now everytime i hear Ed i get shivers.

keenan says:

Geeze, if only!


Keenan says:

So all Austin really had to do was eat a bunch of red smarties? I guess the engineers just needed an excuse to build a time machine...

Posted in the morning on May 18th, '07

This comment inspired...
Dr. Evil steals Austin Powers' mojo

Cyn says:

Yay, you used my idea! =) Hehe. I can always make up more if you're bored.

Posted in the late afternoon on May 20th, '07

Chris says:

This is genius. I demand more :P

Posted at night on May 22nd, '07

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