Posted in the evening on May 27th, '07

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Shayna says:

He made the furniture out of dead bodies that he robbed from graves. He robbed the graves so that he (...)

PT says:

in the smaller thumbnail of this picture (older/newer), the arm combined with tongue looks rather ph (...)

sean  says:

can you make a trumpet versian

Mark says:

Enough with the angry music, dude!!!

Darren says:

You do realize that one day this whole collection will sell in a NY art gallery for millions of doll (...)

Daniel says:

Came home inspired by the "This is Not Graffiti" opening at Townhouse Gallery. Remixing some ideas a (...)

Adriana says:

This is sick who ever thinks this is funny is gotta be discombobulated

Sketchbait says:

ED GEIN?????!!!!!!

monster 8 says:

Wow now everytime i hear Ed i get shivers.

keenan says:

Geeze, if only!


Disha says:

What about the Florida Keys or even, Alicia Keys??

Posted late, late at night on May 29th, '07

This comment inspired...
Keys revisited.

Daniel says:

Hahaha my bad! And I thought I had them all! (-;

Posted in the morning on May 30th, '07

Liza says:

Are those ASCII keys?

Posted in the morning on May 30th, '07

Chris says:

Just cause I'm a bit of a geek, I'm gonna write the remainder of this comment in ASCII hex.

44 61 6D 6E 2C 00 79 6F 75 00 4D 63 4C 61 72 65 6E 73 00 61 72 65 00 61 00 74 61 6C 65 6E 74 65 64 00 62 75 6E 63 68 2E

Posted early in the morning on May 31st, '07

Daniel says:

Haha thanks man. Go geekishism!

Posted in the morning on May 31st, '07

Keenan says:

I don't see a wharf either. You must include homonyms as well. Your incompetence is discouraging. :(

Posted in the afternoon on June 4th, '07

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